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    Posted December 12th, 2011, 9:15 am

    Give Hope started extending its services to children and communities in Ethiopia in August 2010.

    Within one year, the number of children receiving wholistic support has grown to 89 in November 2011. Most of these children have lost either one or both of their parents, and some had been engaged in child labour instead of going to school.

    The following case story illustrates the journey of transformation taking place in the lives of the children we serve.

    Case Story

    Menge Legesse is a 12 years old boy living in Sandafa, Ethiopia, with his mother and three other siblings. Menge has never been to school because of poverty. He was only five years old when his father died. His mother, Fekede Tesema, used to work as a daily labourer making only 20birr ($1.25) a day. She found it difficult to raise her four children with such meagre income. The situation was even much more worsened when she fell down from scaffolding while working and broke her back. She has not been working since then. She sent one of her children to stay with a relative and Menge to work as a shepherd for 60 birr (~$4) a month and two meals a day.

    Today, thanks to Give Hope and its sponsors, Menge has got everything he needs to join school: his school fee is paid; he has school uniform and a pair of shoes (these are his first proper pair of shoes ever) and stationery! Moreover, his family is supported by the monthly nutritional support which relieved Menge from his bread-winning responsibility for the family at a very young age.

    Menge is older than most of his mates by about six years. Even though he is too late to go to school, his mother thinks something is better than nothing. “He will at least be able to read and write,” she says. But who knows – Menge may even make it to his dream – becoming a medical doctor!

    If you want to sponsor a child like Menge for £15 a month, or need more information, please contact us on or call +44(0) 777 030 2222 or call +251(0) 930 033 039

    Children are provided with school stationery

    Children are provided with school uniforms.

    Families receive regular nutrition support

    A Day in the Life of an Ethiopian Child

    Anteneh Teramed is a 12 year old boy who lives with his father, grandmother and younger cousin in Kotebe. Not unlike many children in his community Anteneh’s daily routine is one of sadness and joy. On a good day he wakes early to Injera for breakfast; however, more commonly than not, there is nothing to eat. If this is the case his grandmother may give him 1Birr to buy a piece of bread. Not only does Anteneh’s day start unknowingly of whether he will eat, but a frustration and desire for his mother’s presence. This is worsened by a lack of understanding of her absence. A relatively short walk to school at 7.30am is welcomed by Anteneh as there is nothing to do at home. Lunch is yet another meal when Anteneh’s hunger continues; some Injera or another piece of bread is not enough for a growing 12 year old boy to live on. As well as studying at school, Anteneh welcomes the chance to play with his friends before walking home to help his younger cousin study. Anteneh’s day ends around 7.30pm when he goes to bed on an old single straw mattress he shares with his cousin; and yet another day ends.

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