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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This supplement aims to answer some questions about Give Hope’s Child Sponsorship Program

    What happens when you sponsor a child?

    By sponsoring an individual child with Give Hope you will help them to access education, a regular, healthy diet and medical facilities. This opportunity will enable them to develop skills to support themselves and live independently in the future.

    Will I receive information about the child?

    Yes. You will be sponsoring a named child and you will receive at least two updates a year informing you of their progress. Once the child is old enough they will be encouraged to write to you.

    Can I write to the child?

    Yes. The children will be learning basic English and you can send letters directly to them. All of our staff in Zambia and Ethiopia speak fluent English, as well as the local language, so even the younger children can have letters translated for them.

    How does the sponsorship work and what does sponsorship cost?

    The monthly or annual payments you make go into a UK based bank account used exclusively for Give Hope. All of the money you pay goes to the projects in your chosen country to help your sponsored child. The monthly cost is £15 for each child, or £180 per year.

    How long will the sponsorship last?

    We would like you to consider a commitment of at least three years, after which we will review the needs of the child and contact you to see if you would like to continue. The needs of children in the longer term could vary depending on their age, health and educational development.

    What if my circumstances change?

    We aim to keep our children sponsored up until the age of 18. However, we do understand that circumstances change and you are free to cancel your sponsorship at any time with written notice.

    What if the child I am sponsoring leaves the school

    From time to time, children that are being sponsored do leave the school for a number of reasons. If this happens, we will contact you to see if you would like to continue your sponsorship with another child in need in the school.

    Is confidentiality maintained?

    Yes. The details/address of the sponsor are not passed onto a third party, including the child, and equally the sponsor does not have direct access to the child. All correspondence is made through Give Hope.

    Can I send gifts?

    Financial gifts sent to a particular child will be used to buy, for example, a gift for them (goat, chickens) or repair their family house. Sadly we are not able to accept other gifts as they can incur significant delivery costs on arrival in Zambia/Ethiopia and we cannot always guarantee that packages arrive at their intended destination. However, we can let you know of an impending trip by Martin and he is happy to take small, lightweight and clearly marked items in his suitcase.

    For any further information about the child sponsorship scheme please visit our website or contact us at
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